Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

time to say hello again.

its been quite awhile when i posted the last time. Ive recently considered about deleting my blog just because im too lazy to blog about random stuff . There are so plenty plenty of things im my life that required a lot of time. Plus, the lazyness that leads my body to do things i dont wanna do. But yesterday i just went through all my posts , reminding me of things i did in the year of 2011 and going through just made me smile and so i decided to leave it this way...whether ill continue blogging or not -just keep it simple- just do it for myself.
So many things has happen over the last few months i cannot tell you as much. 2012 is going to be big - new resolutions - new ups and downs - here we come:)
This is the first occasion in the new year ...not the perfect imagination of myself in the new year but whatever... happy birthday to the kid right beside me !

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  1. hallöchen:-) hab mich schon gefragt, wo du abgeblieben bist :D